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10 Aug

Krabi Emerald Pond or Crystal Pool how to get there.

We had some issues yesterday with a client renting a car from www.indicarrent.com. Indi Car Rent comes with standard feature of a GPS.  Least to say after taking delivery of the car. she called complaining that the free GPS with we provide with every rental was defective and she could not do all she wanted. She in short could not locate the places she want to visit in Krabi using Indi Car Rent.

She was searching for Emerald Pool and the GPS was not able to locate and give directions how to get there with Indi Car Rent. Mind you this is a Garmin set. Supposed to be the best and the most expensive. She would not listen over the phone to any thing we had to say. Mind you the Emerald Pool has been around for a long time and not something new that the GPS needs to be updated. So we got our staff to rush over and we went to favourites on the GPS and we found it listed as the Crystal Pool instead. We searched on favourites on the GPS as we were certain that someone renting our cars at www.indicarrent.com had already found that location

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